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Introducing the Tolentino Eye Research Foundation

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

From the desk of Michael Tolentino, M.D.

In my research and practice, I have become aware of the increased need for scientifically accurate information and education about eye health. Recent advances in research have made great strides in:

1. Identifying modifiable factors that lead to age related blindness.

2. Developing medicines, supplements, and technologies to prevent blindness and restore our vision.

3. Understanding the lifestyle changes that will slow down the aging process of the eyes.

My father, Felipe Tolentino, M.D., and I have dedicated our lives to improving and preserving the eye sight of our patients and communities worldwide. He co-pioneered retinal detachment surgery and the field of vitreo-retinal disorders, writing the first internationally recognized textbook on retinal disorders at Harvard Medical School [1-10]. I have developed and invented the eye injections that currently restore vision and prevent blindness in millions of people who suffer from diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration [11-15].

Our collective goal is to continue advancing technology and educating our patients and the general population on how to use this new technology to protect and enhance their vision so that no person should ever go needlessly blind.

The Tolentino Eye Research Foundation was created to demonstrate our commitment to education by providing a scientifically valid resource on eye-related technological advances. It also will serve as a guide on how to obtain and utilize this technology to preserve your eyesight as well as the eyesight of those you love. Lastly, the foundation is committed to supporting high impact research as it pertains to general health and blindness prevention.

There is a lot to learn and I look forward to sharing information with you.

Michael Tolentino, M.D. Tolentino Eye Research Foundation Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Central Florida Director of Research, Center of Retina and Macular Disease

Felipe I Tolentino, M.D. Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School (Retired) Co-Founder, Asian Eye Institute Co-Founder, Ophthalmological Foundation of the Philippines Co-Founder, Restoring Sight International


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