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Are You Protected From The Sun

If you do not have Melanin/Ocular Lens Pigment sunglasses, are you being adequately protected from sunlight? The answer is NO. In this issue, we will compare Melanin/Ocular Lens Pigment lenses (MOLP) with leading sun and eye glass technologies. For legal reasons, we will describe the technologies, but cannot use any brand names. Melanin/Ocular Lens Pigment lenses on the other hand are a patented technology that is exclusively found in TrueBlue Lenses for plano (non-prescription) sun protection. In our writing, we will refer to these lenses interchangeably as TrueBlue Lenses or MOLP lenses.

First - the science! Here are several common sun and eyeglass associated lens technologies.

Many existing sunglass technologies do not adequately protect the eyes from the sun.

Polarized lenses are a technology where a chemical is impregnated into the plastic lense, mainly blocking light in a vertical pattern. Light comes at our eyes from several different directions. Polarization usually blocks light that is coming at the eyes from the horizontal plane, allowing only the light that comes vertically through. This will allow us to see better through reflective surfaces such as water. This technology DOES NOT PROTECT YOU AGAINST VIOLET/BLUE LIGHT.

Photogray or photochromic lenses are the lenses that change color when exposed to sunlight. There is a photosensitive chemical in these lenses that change color when exposed to ultraviolet light. This technology DOES NOT PROTECT YOU ADEQUATELY AGAINST VIOLET/BLUE LIGHT.

Tinting technology is one of the most popular technologies for changing lens color. The lens color is produced by mixing a particular metallic chemical into the lense. This technology DOES NOT PROTECT YOU ADEQUATELY AGAINST VIOLET/BLUE LIGHT.

In UV A/B or UV400 lenses, a layer in the glasses profoundly reflects ultraviolet light. UV A and B are wavelengths less between 300 and 400 nm. A lens that is determined to block 100% of UV A, may only block a certain percentage of UV B and visa versa. UV400 lenses block 100 % of all UV light between 300-400 nm. While these technologies may block UV light, these technologies DO NOT ADEQUATELY PROTECT YOU FROM VIOLET/BLUE LIGHT.

Melanin/Ocular Lens Pigment lenses were recently invented and represent the latest in protective technology. The invention involves impregnating melanin and ocular lens pigment which are biologic pigments in a uniform density within the plastic. This technology DOES PROTECT YOU ADEQUATELY AGAINST VIOLET/BLUE LIGHT.

Sunglasses with Melanin Ocular Lens Pigment (MOLP) are the only lenses that adequately protect you from sunlight.

Now that we have gotten the definitions out of the way let me restate- the only technology that protects your eyes adequately is Melanin Ocular Lens Pigment Technology. Why is this?

The MOLP lenses are the only lenses that were invented to address our new understanding of the spectrum of light harmful to our eyes. Please read our previous newsletters to help you understand why blue light is now the newest and greatest threat to our health and eyes.

The MOLP lenses impregnate Melanin and Ocular Lens Pigment into plastic. In essence, we are using our bodies’ natural protection against harmful light and infusing into plastic lenses. We are using biologic pigment to protect our eyes the way nature intended.

The melanin ocular lens pigment absorbs the high energy from UV/Violet/Blue light and converts it into heat, which dissipates in the plastic. It allows the healthier, low energy light into the eye. As a result, the lens does not distort color and does not have to be too dark to inhibit the harmful blue light from passing into the eye.

Please also remember that we are not eyeglass doctors- we are retina and macula doctors and surgeons. Our goal is not to sell you glasses, but to truly protect your eyes so that you and your family remain healthy. We seek to prevent you and your family from needing a needle in your eye once a month to preserve your vision.

“50 Shades of Grey” has made torture fashionable. You can call us old-fashioned, but if we can do something now to avoid a needle in the eye in the future, count us in.

To SUMMARIZE the major point, various existing technologies - polarization, tinting, photogray, photochromic, UVA/UVB, UV400 - DO NOT ADEQUATELY PROTECT YOU from the sun. Let us repeat - the above technologies DO NOT ADEQUATELY PROTECT YOU from SUNLIGHT.

Which technology does?


This concept reminds us of a story from one of our patients. This patient used to inspect nuclear reactors in the Northeast a few decades ago. He used to walk into these nuclear reactors in a fully protective radiation suit. When he would walk into the radioactive chamber, he would often see nuclear reactor employees mopping up puddles wearing only their normal coveralls. In those days, people did not realize how dangerous radioactivity was for their health. Suffice it to say that these employees did not live long.

We use MOLP lenses to protect us like the patient who inspected nuclear reactors. We know how to protect ourselves. We now want to make sure that everyone else protects themselves adequately.

EVERYONE - Adults, Children, Elderly - should wear MOLP (TrueBlue Lens) sunglasses outdoors. If you have Macular Degeneration (a hereditary disease), please get them for your CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN since MOLP lenses are an effective preventative strategy for slowing the process of oxidation which leads to macular degeneration. If you suffer from migraine headaches that are worsened by light, MOLP lenses are the most effective means of reducing the light induced pain.

Please get MOLP lenses for you and your family and limit your exposure to the sun.

Tolentino Eye Research Foundation Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Central Florida Director of Research, Center of Retina and Macular Disease

Tolentino Eye Research Foundation Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School (Retired) Co-Founder, Asian Eye Institute

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